Dog Comforts Street Performer Struggling After No One Supported Him

“It was a moment of love and loyalty.” ❤️

One day, Wara Ricoo was looking out the window at home when he saw something that surprised him.

There is a street performer singing songs at a busy intersection in hopes of making some money. Unfortunately, things didn’t go his way, and no one offers him any money.

Despite his efforts, he returned to the sidewalk, where his belongings were empty. Getting nothing after all his efforts must have been fun.

Thankfully, though, he got something better than money—true love and affection of a loyal dog.

Even from a distance, Ricoo could see the love between the two, “for me, it was a moment of love and loyalty,” Ricoo said. “So much so that I went down to talk to him.”

He then invited the man and his dog upstairs to visit.

After inviting the man to his apartment, he discovered he was an aspiring artist named Anderson who is currently out of luck. Regardless of his circumstances, he was dedicated to keeping his dog named Mayte fed and happy.

So Ricoo decided to help. He arranged a trip to the vet for both of Anderson’s dogs, which Anderson couldn’t easily afford.

“They are all well, thank God,” Ricco said

But Ricoo didn’t stop there; he shared Anderson’s story on social media in the hope that good people online can help the devoted dog father get back on his feet.

He’s also helped him find a welcoming audience for his music by placing him in a recording studio for some time.

Thanks to Ricoo, Anderson, who was struggling for a dime on the street, gained thousands of followers online. Things have never been brighter for him and his fluffy family.

“I have faith that things will change for the better,” Ricoo said of the future of his new friends. “No matter what life knocks you down, go ahead and give it love.”

Thank you Ricoo, on behalf of Anderson and all of us. We need more good people like you in this world!