Dog Does A Double Take When She Sees Who’s Standing Behind Her

Oh my goodness, is it my MOM? she thought as she paused.

Lucy felt someone sneaking up behind her as she waited outside the venue before her parents’ wedding.


The big dog nearly missed the woman in the white dress when she whirled around. But as soon as Lucy recognized who it was, she sprang to her feet.

Ashley Pfaff, Lucy’s mother, recalled the incident to The Dodo: “It was like she paused and had this moment of ‘Oh my goodness, is that my MOM?’ before the joy hit in and she ran to me.


The heartfelt “first peek” was caught on camera, and you can watch it here:

@lucytheberner If your dog is in your wedding, you must do this before! #fyp #foryou #foryoupage #bernese #bernesemountaindog #coloradowedding ♬ I Get to Love You – Lyndsey Elm

Pfaff and her future husband, Chris Decker, knew they wanted Lucy to be a part of their wedding day as soon as they began arranging it.

We were aware that including Lucy in our wedding would add to the planning requirements, but after talking about it, Pfaff said, “we concluded that she has been with us this whole time and deserves to be there.” Lucy served as a type of flower girl for our wedding as we didn’t have any children.


Lucy was thrilled to be a part of the festivities and took her role as flower pup very seriously. She even went above and beyond to add a particular touch to the event.

The moment we started making our vows to each other, Lucy jumped up and walked straight between us at the altar, Pfaff recalled. This was maybe even more special than the first sight. She brought us all together for what seemed to be the most crucial moment of the entire day.


Doctors Pfaff and Decker can’t fathom their lives without Lucy because she brings them so much-needed joy and affection. The pair found comfort in knowing they could always come home to Lucy as they worked on the front lines through the worst of the outbreak.

Lucy was a constant source of love and happiness, even when she couldn’t be with her other family members or friends, according to Pfaff. As healthcare professionals, “she is a significant part of how we both got through some of those most difficult times.”


Lucy’s participation in their wedding required a little extra administrative work, but Pfaff wouldn’t have had it any other way.

I wouldn’t trade the opportunity for anything to have her share in this amazing day and moment while wearing my outfit, Pfaff added. “She is a dog of a lifetime.”