Dog family waiting in a cardboard box for someone to give them a hand

There are many risks and challenges out there that stray dogs have to deal with. Living outdoors is a nightmare for them, especially for mother dogs who have a hard time taking care of themselves, not to mention their pups.

They can barely do anything but do their best to protect their children or desperately waiting for someone to help them. And fortunately, there are always kind people who don’t hesitate to give their hands to these poor animals.

After receiving a call about a dog family in need of assistance, the Dog Rescue Shelter quickly arrived.


The people who called the team said they fed the dogs and put a cardboard box under the car for the family because it rained last night. The mama dog saved her newborn babies in a small box. She looked so scared, but somehow she was brave when the team approached her. It was as if she knew that they came to give her and her children a second chance.

They use some food to lure her out so they can take the puppies away more easily. And when the dog left her place, the rescuer gently took the puppies out and put them in the cage.

The team waited a few minutes for the dog to return to her pups. The rescuers tried to placate her to earn her trust, and in the end, they were able to take her to their car, where they had prepared a safe place for her. They decided to put the whole family in the same cage.

It was a heartwarming scene.

The team also checked around to make sure there was no puppy left, after which they began returning to their shelters. Here, the dog’s family had a beautiful temporary home to live in and will be received the necessary medical care.

Now that the brave mama can keep her kids warm and safe, the fear of being homeless is a thing in the past. The pups were all healthy and very cute. Hopefully, they would find an eternal home soon.

Dogs are beautiful creatures, and they deserve all the good in the world. Don’t hesitate to help these fluffy friends whenever you can.

Watch the video below: