Dog Finds Best Way To Entertain Herself While Waiting At The Vet

I have never seen a dog so peaceful in my seven years as a hospital manager in the veterinary field.

Akira is not terrified of the vet like many dogs. The amiable golden is content to wait her turn at the animal hospital near her home, especially if it means she can watch some of her dad’s iPhone’s favorite squirrel movies.


Manager of the VCA Panther Lake Veterinary Hospital Mel Cies was astounded to see Akira lately sitting comfortably in front of her favorite program.

“I have never seen a dog at the vet that calm in my seven years working in the veterinary field!” CIES informed The Dodo. “It was just incredible!”


The scene was swiftly captured on camera by Cies, which you can view here:

The squirrel watching in Akira’s backyard is one of her favorite pastimes. Akira’s father, Darin Beam, realized his dog had a thing for squirrels and thought squirrel films may be a simple method to keep her entertained. These days, the videos occasionally provide the cute dog with a dependable source of enjoyment.

Beam told The Dodo, “If we ever need her to be still, we play her a squirrel movie.”

Akira enjoys spending time with her parents and relaxing in their backyard when she isn’t busy watching the squirrels.


The amusing, laid-back dog that Akira’s family adopted has already drastically altered their lives.

“Akira has definitely come in handy!” stated Beam. “My wife now found it impossible to picture life without her!”


With her devoted family, the 4-year-old dog has a ton of future moments to look forward to. And if the trip is ever tense or boring, all Akira needs is a squirrel video to cheer her up.