Dog Found Tangled Up In His Leash With The Saddest Note

“He spent his entire life alone in my room.

Last month, when employees of the Villalobos Rescue Center (VRC) arrived for work, they were greeted by a heartbreaking sight: a young pit bull tied to a fence on the premises of the New Orleans-based rescue, cowering in fear as they approached and with one leg wrapped around the leash, cutting off circulation to the limb.

However, it was impossible to get the dog out of his unpleasant situation.

In a video from the moment, a rescuer can be heard saying, “We have to figure out how we’re going to accomplish this without getting wounded. This dog is knotted and not really letting us approach him.”


Rescuers pulled into a plastic shopping bag that contained the dog’s few belongings and discovered a scribbled note that would once more tear their hearts:


The note begins, “Meet Rock. I can’t keep him any longer due to personal issues with my family. He has spent his entire life alone in my room because my parents wouldn’t let him leave, and on top of that, the landlord didn’t want dogs here. He’s 1 year and 4 months old and has never had human interaction besides my family so please build his human interaction.”

The note said, “Once you get to know him, he’s the loveliest dog you’ll know.” “Please take your time with [him] and give him a better home. I will always donate as much as I can for the wishlist. He is current on his vaccines. He is pet-friendly but can be apprehensive around people.

Staff members at the rescue were at a loss as to how they could take in yet another unwanted dog, let alone one with such terrible anxiety and terror.

They hoped beyond hope that a good person would be motivated to assist by sharing the footage of the dog’s rescue on FB.


As a result of the dog being in a shelter environment, VRC admitted that it didn’t hold out much hope for him. “We did not have the wherewithal to place this dog anywhere else so that he could decompress and acclimatize to the outer world around him. He would not let any of us touch him.

The owner’s brother unexpectedly visited the rescue center after seeing the post on social media. “He was overcome with grief, “VRC penned. He had been acquainted with “Rocky” since he was a puppy, and because the dog no longer resided with his family, he had assumed everything was well.


When Rocky reconnected with his sibling, everything changed. Staff members had been reluctant to release the distressed dog. The dog quickly transitioned from growling and cowering to kissing and pleading for belly rubs with his new dad.

Here is a video of their heartfelt reunion:

Rocky now has a new outlook on life and a support system to help him adjust to society at his own speed. Rocky can now experience life as a devoted pet far from the restrictions of a bedroom or kennel.

In the video, Rocky’s new owner adds, “You’re back home.” You are at home.