Dog Found With Makeshift Anchor Around His Neck and Left to Die Finds Love at Last.

Some people’s cruelty truly knows no bounds. When Audra Petraskiene was driving down a quiet street near a river in Lithuania, she spotted a dog sitting by the side of the road.

The dog was alone, wet, and shivering, and had something unusual and rather heavy looking around his neck.

Naturally, Audra stopped to see what was wrong with the dog and her attention was immediately drawn to the makeshift anchor around the dog’s neck. It was crafted in the form of a heavy iron cube that was attached to his collar with a metal clasp.

It was clear to Audra that this was someone’s barbaric attempt to drown the innocent dog, and she was devastated to think that someone could be so cruel.

Against all odds, the dog had managed to pull himself out of the water and scramble to safety. It seemed like he was sitting at the side of the road hoping to be rescued by a kind passer-by.

Audra’s daughter, Andra, recalled her mother’s experience in an interview with The Dodo:

“Apparently somebody put a heavy metal item on his neck and dropped him into the river to drown. The dog was scared and shaking from cold as well.”

Audra knelt down and approached the shivering dog, and helped him into the back of her car after removing the anchor from around his neck. She then took him straight to a local vet who checked him over and, thankfully, found that he was in overall good health.

When the checkup was complete, Audra decided that she wanted to take the dog home, and she is now caring for him and giving him all the love he deserves, that he was so callously denied by the cruel owner who tried to end his life so callously.

However, she reported his actions to a local shelter, who are now investigating this heinous, sadistic act of animal cruelty. The dog has been transferred to the centre to receive care and attention while the outcome of the case is resolved, so we’re all hoping that the vile criminals will be caught and brought to justice.

As for the beautiful, innocent pup, there’s no doubt that he will find his forever home. Between Audra and the shelter, he’s receiving a well-deserved second chance in life, and hopefully he will never again fall foul to such unspeakable violence. Thank you Audra for being such a wonderful person and rescuing this innocent dog, the world needs more people like you!