Dog Has Priceless Reaction After Bumping Into Her Groomer On The Street

She was baffled as to why I wasn’t in the salon.

Lisa Granade, owner of Happy at Home Pet Grooming in Washington, has been cutting the hair of this adorable dog named Muffin for the past three years. The two had forged an endearing connection during that period.

Granade told The Dodo that Muffin is a very sweet and silly little child. I adore having her in the salon because she greets me with a wag of her tail and a smile.


Despite how close the groomer and her fluffy client have grown over the years, their happy time together had only ever occurred when Muffin need a haircut.

Up until recently, that is.

The other day, Granade just so happened to see Muffin and her owner out for a stroll as she was driving down the street. Naturally, she made the choice to halt and introduce herself.

Granade had no idea that she was about to completely stump Muffin.

That’s a cute dog you’ve got there, I cried out to her mother as I pulled over, said Granade, rolling down my window. When Muffin heard my voice, she immediately began looking for me.


Muffin was in complete amazement when she turned to see Granade in the flesh and realized the voice she had heard wasn’t simply in her brain.

Evidently, Muffin believed her groomer never left the one location where she was familiar with her.


Granade exclaimed, “I think she was utterly bamboozled.” She was baffled as to why I wasn’t in the salon.


It was the best surprise ever for Muffin.

Naturally, the groomer then got out of the car to pet her favorite customer for a while. It would be a pleasure-focused visit: “She was overjoyed,” Granade remarked.

It is obvious that Granade and Muffin are doing well.


The relationship I have with my clients, according to Granade, is the best aspect of my profession. “Trust and delight are there in the partnership.”

And as Muffin recently discovered, much to her delight, that happiness can occasionally surprise her.