Dog Has The Best Reaction To Seeing His Parents Get Engaged

Meet Sonny, a dog with a nice disposition who likes his owners, Madison and Jack.

On their journey through life as a family, the three has had countless pleasant memories. However, it was recently confirmed that the best is yet to come.


Recently, while visiting a beach near their residence, Jack planned to surprise Madison by proposing marriage. As usual, Sonny was present as well.

“I was overcome with emotion when I saw Jack on one knee,” Madison told The Dodo. I have desired to marry him for a very long time.

However, Madison was not the only one who wished for the couple to become engaged. As though recognizing the emotional significance of that unique event for his mother and father, Sonny displayed the most appropriate response:

@bodybymadison Yes #proposal #engaged #engagement ♬ Beige – Audiotree Live Version – Yoke Lore

Madison naturally accepted Jack’s proposal. In his own way, Sonny did the same.

This made the day even more memorable.

“I immediately began crying,” Madison said. “When Sonny began to speed up, I couldn’t help but giggle since he was moving so quickly. I believe I knew at that time that I had all I’d ever need in life.”

Seeing the affection that surrounds him, Sonny has every reason to feel similarly.