Dog Has The Sweetest Reaction After Accidentally Ripping His Favorite Pillow

He pretended his wife was having surgery.”

Despite having a difficult beginning to life, Draco the pit bull has found solace in a heart-shaped pillow with arms throughout good times and bad.

The odd-looking pillow follows the young pit bull wherever she goes. Draco’s mother, Allie O’Cain, told The Dodo that if anyone else picked up her son’s pillow, Draco would dash over and grab it. He takes a suck every night to get to sleep.

Recently, though, it appeared as though the dog’s beloved cushion would end up in the trash, which Draco could not in any way tolerate.


Ever since O’Cain saved the abandoned puppy from a backyard breeder at the age of barely two weeks, Draco has taken good care of his pillow.

Draco is a crazy chewer, and our home has turned into a “rubber toy only” zone because everything filled with stuffing is quickly destroyed by him, according to O’Cain. But with this cushion, he has been very tender and loving.

However, Draco became a little bit overprotective when Willow, a black Lab, asked to share the cushion with him. The pillow was torn when he hurried over to retrieve his beloved possession. It appeared as though the worst had happened when the stuffing started to flow out.

Fortunately, Draco’s grandma recognized what was taking place and reacted quickly.


We believe that the pillow was so worn out that it just tore, according to O’Cain. My mother panicked and grabbed it, shouting, “I’ll fix it, Draco!”

The pillow was brought to Draco’s grandmother’s sewing machine, where the “surgery” was started. However, Draco was unable to watch helplessly as his true love was being operated on.


Draco’s head and paws were visible the entire time, according to O’Cain. He was whimpering and putting his mouth to it.

He pretended that his wife was having surgery “In a post on FB, O’Cain.


Draco ran to hug his beloved toy as soon as the pillow was fixed, obviously happy that it was entire once again.


If the day ever comes when Draco outgrows his childhood toy, O’Cain and her mother will keep fixing the pillow. Knowing Draco, however, it seems unlikely.

Bullies are the complete reverse of what people believe, according to O’Cain. “They never stop being babies.”