Dog Hears People Singing And Decides To Join Them — Every Single Week

“He always walks over to the temple next door on Thursday evenings.”

A dog in India has become something of a legend because he took part in one of the most important ceremonies in the area with so much enthusiasm.


A friend of the dog’s owner was able to get some video of the dog in action. The friend said that the dog heard music coming from a nearby temple and decided to sing along.

And it wasn’t just something that happened once.


“My friend’s factory is home to this religious little dog,” Sushma Date wrote on Twitter. “He always goes to the temple next door on Thursday nights to join the keertan.”

The keertan, also called the kirtan, is a type of religious story told to music that has been around for hundreds of years. The puppy probably doesn’t know about the history of what he’s doing, but something about it makes him howl over and over again.

As the people chant and play their instruments, they seem to have gotten used to the dog joining in. They even pat the dog on the head to encourage him.


“Then he gets his share of prasad and trots back home,” Date wrote. This could be one reason why the dog keeps coming back. Prasad is a spread of snacks, most of which are vegetarian, that are blessed and then shared among people at these ceremonies. In this case, people and a single dog shared the snacks.


Religious or cultural traditions are important because they bring people together and give them something they can count on. And it doesn’t look like this need is something that only humans have.

Date says that the dog keeps coming back for more: “Every single Thursday!”