The dog is afraid of the kittens at first, but then they become best friends

Not every bond works at first sight, and friendship is no exception. It is built gradually on trust, respect, and love, and it will grow stronger over time. Even if it is an interspecies friendship, it can still blossom beautifully with proper care. Sometimes, humans can learn a lot from these affectionate animals.

Meet Bailey, the golden retriever, and Simon the poodle, two loyal friends who proved that cats and dogs really aren’t the arch-enemies people often think they are. Okay, not all dogs can be friends with cats, but golden retrievers can definitely be friends! They really are the friendliest dogs in the world.

Their first meeting wasn’t really that interesting. When Bailey’s owner took Simon home, the poor golden retriever was so scared that he jumped out of his chair in the blink of an eye, trying to hide himself. What a funny girl!

When the owner called her over, Bailey was still reluctant and a little nervous. She hesitantly returned to the couch. After a while, Bailey even managed to sneak out of his arms, not wanting to face the peculiar-looking creature.

In the end, her owner had to use a secret weapon that could bring people closer together: junk food. As they began to share food, the two adorable animals gradually get to know each other. It turned out Simon was a bit naughty, but he was nowhere near as scary as Baily had envisioned.

Once Baily understood Simon, she began eagerly enticing him to be her friend. Under the care of a loving doggo, Simon couldn’t be happier. Two fluffy friends had a lot of fun together. Bailey was gentle, sweet, and forgiving, while Simon was fierce and fearless. They were completely different, but they finished in a different way somehow.

As time goes on, Simon has grown into a gorgeous and daring kitten. Time has changed his appearance, but nothing can change their love for each other! The two are still inseparable at this point. Just look at their unique friendship: