Dog Is Determined To Somehow Fit Huge Stick In Car To Take Home

Henry’s family has had him since he was a puppy, and he’s always had the largest personality around, even when he was a tiny puppy.

Henry is 2 years old, and we’ve had him since he was the size of a 6-foot Subway sub, his mother Amy W. Martin told The Dodo. “His personality is tenacious. If not his way, there is no way.”


Sticks are near the top of Henry’s list of items on which he will not make concessions. Henry adores sticks, and despite his parents’ objections, he is always determined to find a way to bring a good one home whenever he discovers one while out and about.


“We try not to let him chew on sticks since they have caused his mouth to bleed,” Martin said. “We must negotiate with him when we return to the car if he finds one during the walk.”


Henry recently discovered the largest stick in existence and refused to listen to anyone who told him he couldn’t keep it. When he returned to the automobile, he immediately attempted to find a way to get the stick inside, but the stick refused to cooperate.

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Henry was extremely upset that no one was willing to assist him in putting the stick in the automobile, despite his best efforts. In the end, he was forced to leave it behind, but his attempts to bring it with him were both courageous and predictable.

“It’s nothing new for him to try to get the stick into the automobile,” Martin added. “He’s typical!”