Dog leads rescuers to owner who fell 70 feet off cliff in remote forest

Dogs are quite remarkable creatures. They are almost a member of the family and will provide their owners with love, loyalty, and security for the duration of their lives.

Some even become heroes in their own right, as this story will demonstrate. It’s almost like a scene from a feel-good film!

FB: Nevada County Sheriff’s Search & Rescue

This border collie saved his owner by guiding rescuers to the injured man in the Sierra Nevada forest.

According to a FB post made by the Nevada County Sheriff’s Search & Rescue, the 53-year-old man fell around 70 feet while hiking. He suffered a fractured hip and numerous ribs as a result of the fall.

The border collie was healthy, therefore this dog took action.

A search and rescue team was promptly dispatched to locate the hiker, but it was the hiker’s dog that literally led the rescue operation to success.

As indicated in the FB status update:

“Earlier today, CalFire asked SAR to assist in the search for a 53-year-old male who had fallen roughly 70 feet and complained of a fractured hip and ribs. 25 SAR Members responded and located the individual, but the actual credit goes to the subject’s Border Collie who ran roughly 200 yards into the woodland, flagged down two searchers, and led them back to the subject who was covered with a camouflage tarp.

The SAR team were able to transport the injured man to an air ambulance located approximately half a mile distant. The man had to be taken immediately from the jungle to a hospital.

Emergencies of this nature necessitated a rapid evaluation and medical care.

The border collie was returned to Grass Valley and given a well-deserved meal.

He absolutely earned it. This dog is renowned without even being aware of it!

According to Sgt. Dennis Haack of the Nevada County Sheriff’s Office Search and Rescue, he and his crew initially couldn’t believe what was occurring since it seemed like a scene from a movie.

When the crew returned, everything fell into place. The dog did indeed guide everyone to the injured hiker.

Haack went on to say that the man had fallen off the route the night before, but was unable to contact for aid because he lacked cellular coverage.

Eventually, the man discovered a signal strong enough to allow him to call the authorities.

The SAR team was then deployed, and the border collie brought them to him. It took courage for the man to withstand the fall and seek for aid. Fortunately, he had an incredible dog.

Let’s hope he heals quickly and regains his strength so that he can be reunited with his faithful dog. He is still alive because of the dog!

Never disregard a decent boy!

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