Dog Left In Abandoned House Begs People Passing By To Take Her With Them

She was anxious, but it was evident that she wanted to be saved – and suddenly we understood why.

Two canines walked the grounds of an abandoned home in Mexico, hoping someone would see them and come to their aid.


One of the dogs was especially eager to be saved, so when she spotted somebody who appeared to be able to assist, she set her anxieties aside and allowed them to pick her up.

The dog’s rescuers discovered the reason the puppy was so eager to be saved after taking her to the doctor: she was pregnant.


The dog, afterwards known as Mama Wild, was placed in a foster home with assistance from The Animal Pad so she could regain her strength.

Mama Wild’s caregiver Lauren Botticelli was alarmed to see that the adorable dog had been abandoned.

Botticelli admitted to grief to The Dodo. However, in the end, I was quite appreciative that these puppies wouldn’t be born on the streets.


You may view a film prepared by The Animal Pad detailing Mama Wild’s rescue process here:

Mama Wild was finally able to unwind in her foster home, where she eventually gave birth to two little children. Mama Wild has dedicated her life to raising her children and cherishing every moment she spends with them.

Her favorite pastimes are spoiling [the puppies] and being a devoted mother, according to Botticelli.


The puppies will be eligible for adoption after spending roughly two months with their mother. Mama Wild will also be looking for a permanent residence.

Mama Wild won’t have to worry about surviving alone ever again now that she’s safe, has a promising future, and a loving new family to look forward to.