Dog lies down next to boy with brain injury who won’t wake up and it changes everything

After losing all hope, a miracle came from the most unlikely of places for a desperate family.

Caleb Howard was just seven years old when his family was devastated by a terrible event. And at a very young age, he had to deal with a lot of anguish, loss, and suffering.

Until a dog changed everything.

A driver entered the center lane while his family was driving on Highway 89 in Layton and struck their vehicle head-on.

His life has been irrevocably altered as a result of this incident.

Caleb and his sister were the sole surviving members of their family.

His mother, Janine, his brother Matthew, and sister Esther had their lives cruelly snatched away.

And, as if this was not enough sadness, Caleb emerged from the wreckage in a harrowing state of physical and mental impairment.

Caleb was hospitalized with a traumatic brain injury.

He lurched forward and then backward as a result of the impact, causing his brain to collide with the front and back of his skull.

Caleb’s brain cells were damaged in millions, putting him in a life-threatening predicament.

Even hope is difficult to come by with this type of traumatic brain injury.

Caleb’s physicians informed his father, Ben, that even if Caleb survived this tragedy, he would never be the same again.

Caleb’s recuperation was proving difficult.

He was still relying on a variety of assistive equipment, and it didn’t appear to be improving his abilities.

Even the most hopeful person’s optimism might be dashed when they witness their child being both present and absent at the same time.

No doubt, the toll was much more taxing on Caleb.

Physically and emotionally, the transition from a fully functioning body to the physical shell that he can barely manage must have been extremely difficult.

The doctor then inquired.

Caleb’s father, Ben, was asked by the doctor if his son liked dogs. Ben’s response was sceptical since he didn’t comprehend the purpose of the question.

Even though it seemed like a long shot at the time, Caleb’s doctor had an idea, and they decided to give it a go.

A joyful disposition, golden-brown fur, and enough energy to power the sun were all features of that long shot.

The rehabilitation team included Colonel.

The Intermountain Therapy Animals’ Colonel is a golden retriever. Volunteers work with these canines, and then they are delivered to facilities that require them.

Animal-assisted treatment may appear to be simple, yet it can have a tremendous impact on patients.

Though Caleb may feel like an ICU patient and the most challenging experience of his life, he just becomes a 7-year-old kid with a dog when Colonel enters the room.

His life was saved as a result of this additional strategy.

The team determined that all that was required was to provide Caleb with the emotional drive to pursue counseling. Colonel was more than willing to provide that.

Limp hands reached out to touch his fur at this point. The dog’s movements are now tracked by fixed eyes.

Although the movements and replies were minor, they promised Ben and Caleb the world.

From then on, his recuperation accelerated.

Colonel was a watershed moment in Caleb’s rehabilitation, according to Ben. From a position of despair, it must have been weird to see his kid throw a ball for Colonel to retrieve.

He regained his ability to talk and expressed his admiration forColonel.

Caleb was given a second chance in life by Colonel. All that was required was a spark of optimism, which was provided by a dog.

Watch the video to see how Colonel helps Caleb change his life for the better!

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