Dog Looks After Newborn Baby Abandoned In Field Like One Of Her Own Puppies

A true story about a dog who looks after a newborn baby abandoned in a field like one of her own puppies. The abandoned baby is found by a dog takes care of it until it is found by the police and taken into care. This is a very touching story and it is heart warming to see a dog so caring and loving.

The baby was left in the night with no clothes and her cord still attached, but the dog looked at her. She was found the next day with the dog and her puppies who were keeping her warm.

The stray dog could have saved the tot’s life, according to one local. They said that it could be the warmth from puppies and their mother who kept this newborn alive.

“Usually, the temperature dips at night and it’s already December.

“I must say, it’s her sheer luck.”

The puppies are in the straw while the newborn is nestled alongside them.

After she was heard crying, the baby was discovered uninjured.

The police were contacted by the panchayat, which is a local government body.

She was examined by the doctors after being taken to hospital. The little girl has been referred to the child line project.

She has been named Akanksha. Police are searching for her parents after an investigation.