Dog Lost In Montana Cold For A Week Gets Emotional Reunion With Her Dad

Despite losing all hope, a dog owner and his 7-year-old pet were tearfully reunited in Montana after she went missing for seven days in the woods.

To make matters worse, the owner never expected to see his dog again because of the sub-zero weather, but miraculously, they were reunited after a week apart, and it was all captured on camera!

FB/Becky Anderson

For Roger Jacobs and his dog, Salty, what was supposed to be a peaceful stroll turned into a terrifying ordeal. A few days after Christmas, the two went for a stroll outside of Shepherd, Montana, but the English Setter got lost exploring the local hills and forests.

A dog owner’s heart goes out to anyone who has lost their pet, and Roger was no exception. Roger looked for the lively dog, but his attempts were unsuccessful.

Salty was adopted by Roger when she was just a few weeks old, so you can understand his disappointment when he couldn’t find her. Just as he was about to give up, Salty reappeared and brought him back to his feet! He was overjoyed!

As soon as she didn’t show up, Roger put on his whistle and began to blow it. He told KTCQ that he knew she was gone when she didn’t show up. “We searched for days, placed everything on the internet, and drove all night and all day looking for a solution.”

Roger received a phone call that brought tears to his eyes after being without Salty for nearly a week. The dog was positively identified as Salty by a friend of his who saw it along the Yellowstone River between Shepherd and Huntley. Therefore, Roger hastened to confirm that it was, in fact, his faithful dog. This is a beautiful event documented by Roger’s daughter, who took a picture of the reunion on her phone.

“At long last, she heard me and came bounding over to see me. The man added, “And I’ve been blowing my whistle so hard and trudging through the snow, and I was all gassed and she was all gassed and freezing.” As I recall, we had a great time reuniting on the riverbank.

In the video below, you can see the wonderful reunion.