Dog refuses to get out of bed, but agrees to share it with toddler

Dogs and babies have something in common. They are both pure and love seeing them play together!
It’s sweet moments like this that melt our hearts, and anyone who has seen something similar will agree.
This might be the cutest video of all time (scroll down for full video).

At the beginning of the video, you can see the extended family husky lying on the toddler’s bed. You can see the kid is excited to find him there, so he decides to join him.

Then, the cameraman is the father playing a quick peek-a-boo with the baby while drinking his milk.

After the kid and the husky share a few kisses, the dad reaches out to pet the puppy lovingly, and you can tell the dog loves it!
Then the couple in bed went back and forth with some pets, kissing and just joking in general,

Now for the cutest part. When the child falls asleep, the husky refuses to get out of bed.
“Okay, you just stay there,” the father told the dog with a laugh before pulling the blanket over her. Then he left.

When he returned a moment later, he saw the boy and the husky sleeping together, with the puppy’s arm wrapped around the toddler.

It’s like he’s protecting him. It’s pure and innocent!

Watch the full video for yourself below: