Dog risked her life running through traffic begging for help his injured owner

Milagro Muñoz Araya and her husband saw a small dog roaming the street near a veterinary hospital in Guapiles, Costa Rica, after towing their car where they work.

They decided to help the dog, but he ran away, so they ran after him and found an injured man lying on the ground.

So they called an ambulance to get help, while the dog never left his owner’s side. The paramedics came and put the man in the car, the dog jumped in too, but they had to get him out because dogs are not allowed in the vehicle.

Milagro went to the hospital to check on the man and even helped the dog named Chiquita by taking him to the veterinary clinic, where she works, to treat him while he lived on the streets. They will do what is best for their dog and man to live in good circumstances.