Dog Shares The Sweetest Routine With Homeless Man Who Visits Her Each Day

A person does not need many worldly belongings to provide the best gift of all: a loving and warm heart.

Just ask Mimi the canine.

Mimi resides with her owner, Edna Kobori, in Brazil. There, the gorgeous dog has developed a routine with a man who, in the opinion of some, has little to offer. Mimi recognizes their error.

His name is Sebastião. Every day, he stops to bring Mimi delight.

“Mr. “The homeless man Sebastio cannot pass by my street without speaking with Mimi,” Kobori remarked. “She is familiar with animal lovers.”

This video depicts one such visit:

It’s unknown when Mimi and Sebastio began their sweet habit, but it’s evident that they both look forward to these small, thoughtful visits – gifts that cost nothing more than a gesture of compassion.

And if wealth is measured by pets and wagging tails, these two friends may be the wealthiest of all.