Dog Shares The Sweetest Routine With Homeless Man Who Visits Her Each Day

Mimi is a dog that has no material possessions and yet, she offers the greatest gift of all: a warm and loving heart. Just ask her!

Credit: FB – Edna Kobori

There’s something special about Mimi. She’s a very special dog and it’s not because she likes to perform tricks. She does that for people who don’t deserve her. She lives in Brazil with her owner, Edna Kobori. There, the sweet dog has formed an adorable routine with a man who is often ridiculed for his age, his looks, and his personality. Mimi knows he’s right, even if some don’t believe it.

Sebastião is a kind man who always takes the time to stop and play with Mimi.

“Mr. Sebastião, a homeless man, can’t pass by my street without talking to Mimi,” Kobori said. “She knows who loves animals.”

Check out this video of one of our recent visits!

While we don’t know when Mimi and Sebastião’s sweet routine began, we do know that it has been going on for some time. We can also see that they love spending time together, and they both seem to enjoy the other’s company.

This is the kind of friendship we all should have with our pet. It costs nothing more than a gesture of kindness, and if you want to be the wealthiest of all, these two are just as wealthy as you.