Dog Shows Up To Watch Race And Has Zero Shame About Not Joining In

Ollie recently turned six years old, and at this stage in his life, he is well aware of his preferences. He enjoys receiving attention from people and snacking. He has little interest in anything involving physical activity.

Ollie’s mother, Crystal Uvalle, told The Dodo: “Generally, we have to force him out the door, and sometimes drag him, for walks, but he loves vehicle rides and intuitively recognizes the difference.”


Ollie is so averse to exercise that whenever his parents are going on a lengthy walk, they put him in his wagon so they don’t have to carry him when he inevitably gets tired.

“The heat wears him down, and when he’s exhausted, he goes limp, and you must carry his 48-pound potato body,” Uvalle explained.


Recently, some of Ollie’s parents’ friends participated in the Great Race in Pittsburgh, a 5K/10K event that raises funds for amyloidosis research. Since the race passed through their area, they decided to go and bring Ollie along, along with a placard inspired by a popular Olivia Rodrigo song that expressed Ollie’s feelings over their need to exercise.

@goodgollymrollie POV: you paid to run a race while I get carried around in a wagon #pittsburgh #greatrace #good4u #lazy @Olivia Rodrigo ♬ good 4 u – Olivia Rodrigo

Uvalle stated, “Many people chuckled and replied, ‘Same here’.”

As he sat in his wagon, proudly displaying his sign, Ollie observed all of the people sprinting by him; he was honestly a little angry that they chose to run past him rather than stop and pay attention.


“He enjoyed it tremendously, although he kept attempting to exit the wagon to be pet/say hello to people,” Uvalle added. “He’s used to receiving a lot of attention wherever he goes, so he appeared confused/a little depressed that nobody was caressing him.”


Ollie’s sign made quite a commotion, and he eventually received all the love and attention he deserved – after everyone stopped running and understood that caressing him was the superior pastime.