Dog Storms Catwalk And Steals The Show During Beauty Pageant

Last month, at a local beauty pageant in Brazil, the regular contestants were surprised and shocked when a different kind of competitor stole the show.

After that, they didn’t have much of a chance.


Danieli Link Weber was one of the people who went to the recent Miss So Mateus do Sul pageant to watch about a dozen local women compete for that coveted title. During a short break in the action, however, a new rival showed up.

It was just any dog. He ran down the runway and stole the show, basking in the crowd’s love. And there was plenty of love.

Weber told The Dodo, “I laughed and clapped.” “I thought it was really good. He got applause. The people in the audience laughed and cheered a lot.”

Here is a video of the dog’s big moment:

@danieli.weber E esse doguinho que invadiu a passarela na hora do desfile das candidatasse Miss ! Hahaha que nota vocês dariam ? Eu dou nota 1000 🥰#fy #fyp #viral #dogsoftiktok #passareladossonhos #miss ♬ som original – Danieli

The dog’s time on stage was short, and when it was over, he ran off into the crowd. This made him even more interesting, though.

Weber said, “He put on a show.”

Even Jennifer Jaworski, who would later become Miss So Mateus do Sul 2022, couldn’t help but be impressed by that random dog competitor.

After all, in his own way, he did win the title.

Jaworski told The Dodo, “I loved how everyone reacted to him.” “I probably cheered even more. I love animals.”