Dog Walking By Woman On Bench Suddenly Realizes He Knows Her

Valeria Navarro and her dog, Harley, have a love that is like magic. It might be invisible and go beyond both time and space, but the loved dog’s big heart and sharp nose can smell it all.

And there’s an emotional video to show it.


Navarro met Harley for the first time when he moved in with her family six years ago. It was love at first sight for her. And he felt the same way about her. From that point on, they were always together.

Navarro told The Dodo, “He’s the love of my life.” “We have a strong bond. He’s the thing I love most in the whole wide world.”

But Navarro and Harley had to spend time apart because of their lives.


Navarro had been living abroad for the past six months to try to find work before he and Harley might move. Even so, he never left her heart during that time. She never left his house.

When Navarro got back to her house, she decided to surprise Harley by taking her to a nearby park. She sat on a bench there with her back to him to see if her best friend could smell her.

And what happened after that made it clear:

It only took one sniff.

“He knew who I was! I felt so good. “My heart just blew up,” said Navarro. “He was very happy. It was great.”

Now, let’s look at that moment from Navarro’s point of view:

In a world full of smells, Harley loves one smell the most.

His best friend’s scent.


Navarro has decided to put her plans to move to another country with Harley on hold for now. But being back in his loving presence reminds Navarro that this is where she belongs.

She said, “We’re like soul mates.” “We both feel better when we’re together.”