Dog with bro.ken leg was saved after being thrown outside by the owner

When Animal Hope Shelter received a video of a dog living in a pile of trash, they rushed to help the p.oor creature. His name is Valentine, and he was once loved and cared for by his owner. Sadly, an ac.cident his leg, so he couldn’t walk normally. Realizing that Valentine was useless, the owner threw him out and left him to fend for himself.

The p.oor boy didn’t understand why his beloved master had a.ban.doned him and didn’t care about him anymore. He tried to beg for a bit of love from his owner, but everything he did was in v.ain. Without food, water, and me.dicine, he was mal.nourished and in p.oor he.alth.

Although the owner a.ban.doned the dog, he refused to let it go with the rescue team. His situation was ter.rible, so they just wanted to save him as quickly as possible. They deal with the owner and have to use the mo.ney to buy Valentine’s freedom.

They quickly took the p.oor boy to the vet for a checkup. The results showed that he was a.nemic and had a flat stomach. X-.rays showed that his s.pine was normal, but his in.jured legs prevented him from standing and walking. So he had to under.go an opera.tion to recover.

The doctors gave him some me.dical treatment before the sur.gery. They cleaned him up and gave him some food. When Valentine underwent sur.gery, everyone was surrounded by f.ear and Fortunately, the sur.gery was successful.

The doctors did all they could, but it all depended on his will and energy, whether he could walk or not. Valentine felt better after receiving treatment and post-operative care. He felt the warm love in the doctors and rescuers and was grateful to them.

After 15 days of being loved and cared for, Valentine had enough energy and strength to move. He was given acu.puncture and some easy exercises to remember what it was like to walk. It was a long way to get the dog walking again, but they knew that Valentin would walk again.

Thanks to everyone at the cli.nic, Valentine’s life has completely changed. He can now walk and explore everything around him. After all that has happened to him in the past, he deserves to live in love and fullness. We hope that he gets a loving home and owner.

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