Dog’s reaction to seeing a photo of her friend who passed away is one of the sweetest things you’ll ever see

Though loved ones may leave us, they will never truly be gone. This is assured by our furry friend Lola.

Even though Lola’s sister Lacy has passed away, Lola knows that she will never truly leave her. In fact, Lola and her family have found a special way to keep the pup’s memory alive.

Alli Trent

Lacy met the beagle puppy for the first time when she was ten years old. She was apprehensive about the advent of a new, rambunctious puppy after spending her entire life alone. Lola, on the other hand, was able to win her over in no time.

Alli Trent, the mother of both Lola and Lacy, told The Dodo that her daughter would growl at her, but Lola was always patient with her. “From the outset, Lola was completely enamored with Lacy. Every step Lola took was to be close to Lacy. She wanted to be right next to her wherever she slept.

Alli Trent

Lacy’s health began to deteriorate after four years of acquaintance. Lola remained by Lacy’s side, consoled her in every way she could. “When Lacy’s health began to deteriorate and she began coughing more frequently, Lola was constantly concerned about her,” Trent explained. “Lola was always on the lookout for her. It was the most endearing thing to witness.”

Lola was not present during Lacy’s death. And her reaction when she realized her friend would not be returning home was heartbreaking.

Alli Trent

“At my parents’ house, we placed Lacy’s bed and favorite toys on a shelf,” Trent explained. “Lola walked right to them and attempted to approach them, but then she began roaming about aimlessly as if she were looking for her.”

Trent purchased a memorial present for Lacy and her parents that featured Lacy’s photograph. Trent placed the photo on a shelf in the living room when it arrived, where it attracted Lola’s eye.

Alli Trent

“Lola expressed an immediate interest,” Trent explained. “She couldn’t take her gaze away from it and wagging her tail.”

Trent was startled, as Lola had never expressed an interest in her home’s design previously, but something about Lacy’s photograph stood out. As if Lola was aware the photograph was of her best mate.

Alli Trent

“Later that evening, we were discussing Lacy, and I asked Lola, ‘Do you miss Lacy?’ I do as well.'” Trent stated on Instagram. “She gave me a glance and cocked her head, and I inquired, ‘Where is Lacy?’ Without hesitation, she ran up to the couch, leapt up on the arm… and pressed her nose directly to the picture, wagging her tail as if it were her.”

Lacy may be gone, but her memory will live on.

“I believe Lola is aware that Lacy has ceased to appear at the door,” Trent observed. “That is our Lacy in that photograph.”

Lola is doing everything she can to show her mother extra affection during this trying moment. “I was so concerned for Lola, but knowing that Lola can still see her in the photograph has brought me such peace,” Trent explained. “We are so fortunate to have them for as long as we do, and to be unconditionally loved by them.”

H/T: The DoDo