Dolphin Brings Gifts From The Bottom Of The Sea To Humans In Exchange For Food

Dolphins are regarded as one of the most intelligent species in the animal kingdom, capable of developing complex relationships and communicating via vocal cues or body language.

Mystique, a humpback dolphin, demonstrates behavior that pushes the intelligence of this aquatic mammal to new heights.

In exchange for food, the cunning and intelligent dolphin sends gifts to humans from the depths of the ocean.

FB: Barnacles Café/Dolphin Feeding

Mystique is a 29-year-old male who appears to understand that no one can resist a wonderful present. He generally brings volunteers from the Barnacles Dolphin Center in Tin Can Bay, Queensland (Australia), as well as a variety of ocean-bottom presents. His methods are often effective in getting what he wants, as people are naturally drawn to gifts.

FB: Barnacles Café/Dolphin Feeding

Corals, shells, and old bottles are just some of the items brought by the gorgeous Mystique in exchange for sustenance. Although the dolphin is now renowned as a superb treasure hunter, the truth is that all he wants in return is a nice fish.

FB: Barnacles Café/Dolphin Feeding

The animal is missing the visitor attention it used to receive following the closure of the Barnacles Dolphin Center due to the COVID-19 quarantine.

Employees at Barnacles Cafe & Dolphin Feeding told Bored Panda:

Mystique is acceptable as long as he maintains an online presence, but it’s clear that he lacks public attention. There has been a great deal of gloating in recent weeks. “

FB: Barnacles Café/Dolphin Feeding

Mystique is a very intelligent dolphin who is also quite cunning and constantly on the lookout for new ways to gain attention.

According to center volunteers:

“Anything you bring in will be lavished with praise and attention, as well as a fish to thank.” He is an extremely intelligent and compassionate individual, yet he is also a little naughty.”

The adorable creature is one of seven dolphins in the group, but it is the only one who brings gifts from the sea.

FB: Barnacles Café/Dolphin Feeding

This particular behavior is loved by all, and the volunteers hope that the charming dolphin will continue to present gifts even after the swimming center’s doors are opened. They are positive that Mystique’s behavior will not change, and they believe that by meeting more people, he will be able to remember more information.

FB: Barnacles Café/Dolphin Feeding

Volunteers in the state capital:

“He offers us various items such as wooden boards, corals, old glass bottles, sea sponges, and pebbles in various shapes and sizes; he had always brought us gifts, but only since the closure has he brought us many gifts every morning.”