Driver Saved Thirsty And Dehydrated Maned Wolf Who Collapses Under His Truck

Seeing a vulnerable, unusual animal in front of you is a wonderful experience for animal lovers. Some people may ignore the animal because they are afraid of them, while others may grab a phone or camera to take pictures as a memento, according to thepetneeds.com.

This is what Milton Rodrigues, a Brazilian truck driver, did when he spotted a maned wolf in front of him on the road.

Rodrigues immediately stopped to take photographs with this lovely wolf, but he was astonished when the creature stumbled forward and fell underneath his truck.

This maned wolf was likely fatigued and dehydrated due to the high temperature, which reached 104 degrees Fahrenheit. Therefore, he stops to assist the wolf by putting some water into his mouth, and the wolf at least stands up cheerfully.