Dumped Puppy Doesn’t Know How To Lie Down And Keeps Tumbling, Finds Comfort In Baby

Calledie the dog was terrified and pleading for rescue after her owner chained her to a fence and left her there. A compassionate man heard her sad cries and decided to come to her rescue and bring her home.

Source: Cute Animals/YouTube

To watch Callie’s heartwarming reaction to her new home, check out this video. In order to help Callie relax, the man allows her to sit next to his sleeping child. Callie is clearly exhausted and weary after spending so much time alone and abandoned for so long.

She refuses to sleep for fear of being discarded again, as she keeps toppling over in her drowsy state. When Callie finally gives in to exhaustion and falls asleep, she does so in the most endearing way conceivable.

Source: Cute Animals/YouTube

For a brief minute, we get a glimpse of Callie cuddling the baby and lying on top of him for warmth! She ultimately falls asleep peacefully once her anxieties have been allayed by the baby’s presence. There’s a good chance the pup and infant have made a lifelong companion! This video is sure to put a big smile on your face after watching it.

Watch Callie’s battle with her new home’s dreaded sleep in the video below!