Elephant hilariously climbs over 5ft wall to steal some mangoes

A fascinating scene of a very resourceful elephant who decides to cross a wall as high as 5 feet in order to get to the mango.

In Zambia Park, a camera captured this moment.

The photographs show an elephant that was determined to get his hands on a piece of mango at any cost, so he climbed over a 5-foot high wall.

Elephants aren’t known for their climbing prowess, so seeing this situation startled everyone.

Ian Salisbury, 68, observed the elephant as he examined the situation and pondered whether or not to cross the wall. However, an elephant’s huge, hefty, and lengthy legs are no small feat when it comes to moving over a wall without falling.

As he neared the last two, he began with his right foot and then his left.

Most years, elephants visit between the 10th and 12th months of the year, but this unexpected visitor has arrived after the normal season has ended.

According to Ian, from Bacup, Lancs, this brave elephant simply chose the shortest and most direct path.

The elephant’s triumph against such a formidable obstacle was a huge source of joy for the people who witnessed it. It was a strange experience for everyone, but they were all extremely delighted about it.

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