Elephant mom’s desperate cry for help leads rescuers to her trapped baby

Elephants are known to be very intelligent and very social creatures. When it comes to their babies, these majestic creatures are naturally overprotective and will do anything to protect their young, even if they come from a different flock.

The mother of an elephant calf who became imprisoned in a concrete pit in Thailand was doing everything she could to free her youngster. Unfortunately, she is unable to do it on her own and pleads for assistance in the face of imminent danger to her child. The elephant’s cries for aid drew a crowd of curious onlookers. However, they soon recognized that the enormous elephant was trying to communicate with them in some way.

Youtube/ The DoDo

Unfortunately, things got worse when the elephant mother got too close to an electric fence. People rushed to switch off the electricity and assist her after she passed out. They just grasped what the elephant’s goals were at that point. After she regained her senses, the elephant led the rescuers to the location where her youngster was confined.

Youtube/ The DoDo

For several hours, the helpless calf was suffocating in a little hole filled with mud. As a result, the rescuers had to act quickly, but it was not an easy task. The newborn elephant became terrified and weary, and things quickly became worse. In order to avoid injuring the helpless calf, the rescue team had to dig carefully around the hole.

Youtube/ The DoDo

The team has finally reached the stranded baby elephant, with mom on hand to keep an eye on things. Although he is fatigued, the tiny one nonetheless manages to pull himself out of the hole. After he was rescued, he was still bewildered since he couldn’t see his mother, but as soon as he saw her, he ran to her. He was relieved to know that he was safe again!

The spectacular rescue can be seen here: