Emaciated dog sleeping on bricks is saved and beautifully transformed

Dogs are mostly born with great hearts. No matter how dire their circumstances are, they are affectionate and compassionate beings who never let anyone down.

Arnia is one of the sweetest dogs in this world. She used to live in the yard of a dingy garage in Romania with several other dogs starving to death like her, but none of them became mad or aggressive towards the others.

When Howl Of A Dog’s rescuers found her sleeping on a pile of bricks, the poor girl was too weak to move, but she managed to wag her tail happily to greet them. Truly a lovely girl.

Of course, Arnia and her friends were rescued from the yard, but she wasn’t entirely out of the situation yet. It’s hard to imagine how life has treated this little girl.

The small girl has countless terrible health problems to overcome: she was severely underweight, anemic, dehydrated, muscle spasms, and giardia. Thankfully, she still ate well.

After a month under the care of her wonderful rescuers, the strong girl has grown strong and transformed into a beautiful one. She gained a little weight and became much healthier. And most of all, she’s happier now than ever.

Although Arnia is 2-3 years old, the playful girl still considers herself a small puppy. She loves to run around and play with her favorite humans, she can find joy and pleasure in the most ordinary things, and she is lovable and gentle with other dogs.

Just watch the rescue here: