Family Adopts Their Son And Dog On The Same Day

When Jessica Banzhof saw Cupid, she had just finished a fast errand of returning pet store food.

She couldn’t help but approach the brindle pit bull because he was so lovely and was sporting a small sweater.

Banzhof told The Dodo, “I asked [the owner] if I may pet him and then I discovered that he wasn’t actually her dog. “I suppose meeting him was simply kind of fate,” she said.


Dogs on the Town, an initiative created by Ohio’s Lucas County Canine Care and Control to help the shelter’s dogs get noticed by the community, is responsible for Cupid hanging around in the pet store.

Banzhof sent her husband a text message right away saying, “I met this dog, and I love him. He is incredibly kind, cordial, and relaxed.

She continued, “My guys have been pleading with me for a bigger dog. “He’s perfect,” I thought when I saw Cupid.”

The Banzhof family was currently recruiting a new member to its ranks at the time. Gabe, Banzhof’s 10-year-old son, was formally adopted by his stepfather.

When Gabe was younger, “it was just him and I for the longest time,” Banzhof recalled. “We suffered as a single mom, but when my husband entered the picture, everything changed for him. His family has always accepted my kid as “simply our grandson,” and my son has always been his son.

Banzhof introduced Cupid to her family, and the dog got along well with everyone, even their three tiny dogs, as she had anticipated. Banzhof wanted to sleep on the choice, even after paying Cupid’s adoption fee.


Nobody anticipated how emotional the trip to the courts would be on Gabe’s adoption day.

My son was questioned by the judge, “Is this what you want? And he responded, “Absolutely,” Banzhof recalled. She then inquired as to his motivation, to which he replied, “I’ve been this person for so long, and I just truly want to officially belong to a family who actually wants, loves, and accepts me. I have been a member of that family, and I am prepared for my last name to coincide with theirs.

The family had dinner out in celebration after Gabe’s adoption was finalized. Banzhof asked her son, “Well, since we can’t stop celebrating, what do you want to do next?” since she didn’t want the joy to end. let’s go fetch my dog,” he said.


Only Cupid’s joy when they got to the shelter rivaled Gabe’s. He entered the room and exclaimed, “It’s a double adoption day!” stated Banzhof. “I’ve never had a better day,”

Gabe and Cupid proudly posed with their adoption certificates. The family expanded immediately after that, and then it expanded much further.

Cupid moved right in and started making himself at home. He enjoys playing with his brothers, going on runs outside, and cuddling on the couch.

Although still in the puppy stage, Banzhof added, “Cupid is extremely well-behaved.” He is crate trained, listens admirably, sits and stays, and we feel a little safer now.


The Banzhofs are overjoyed that their home has a new normal after only a week of living together.

Everything seems to indicate that we have regained our contentment, according to Banzhof. “We accomplished it. We live as a unit. We are one whole. Then Cupid came along, as though he were the final piece in the puzzle.”

She said, “Now my guys have their puppy.” It is simply perfect.