Family Discovers What Their Dog Does Outside When No One’s Watching

What exactly does this dog named Hamilton do when no one is around to see it?

He has the time of his life — here’s what.

Hamilton’s family recently installed a Ring security camera in their garden to catch footage of the happy pup when he is left alone. And, well, it appears as though things quickly become wet and wild.

“Water has always been a passion of his. “We were curious as to what he would do if he had the pool to himself,” Hamilton’s mother, Mary, explained.

According to what she witnessed after reviewing the camera footage:

Hamilton was in the midst of a pool party. And despite the fact that he was the single attendee, Hamilton did not appear to bother in the least.

His family is simply pleased that his fun time was captured on camera.

“I am in awe of this memory,” Mary stated. “Each time I watch it, I laugh.”

H/T: The DoDo