Family Finally Figures Out Why Dog Was Barking At Window All Night Long

She simply wanted to be helpful.

Around two in the morning, Christina Bingman heard her dog, Alexa, barking and jumped out of bed to investigate.

According to Bingman, it was the “something’s out there” bark.


Bingman immediately went outside to check on the family’s poultry, but after carefully scanning the entire yard, she found nothing unusual. Though she had no understanding why Alexa was so agitated, she went back to bed because everything appeared to be fine. Alexa’s nighttime barking woke her mother up several times until she finally got up for the day several hours later.

It wasn’t until one of her children woke up that Bingman was able to solve the mystery of what Alexa was barking at.

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When the family awoke for the day, Bingman recalled, “I noticed that she was actually barking at the bag of cat food.” “My youngest told me to check out the window and giggled at how enormous and real-looking the cat on the bag appeared to be. I finally understood what Alexa had been attempting to convey. All night long, she was being watched by a huge cat through the glass.

The cat food bag usually doesn’t reside outside, but because the container it usually lives in was damaged and Bingman didn’t want any of her pets to get into it, she left it on a table outside the window. Alexa evidently did not like the fact that the bag against the window gives the impression that there is a huge cat outside.


Bingman admitted, “I immediately started to giggle.

Alexa had only ever been attempting to protect her family from the enormous cat, so she was perplexed as to why no one would pay attention to her. Fortunately, the riddle has been solved, allowing Alexa to unwind and her mother to finally have a decent night’s rest once more.