Family Uses Special Sling For Senior Cat So He Can Be Pet At All Times

He follows my mother around the house meowing until she pet him, so she reasoned that doing this would be helpful.

Ricky, a 17-year-old Siamese cat, is not at all bashful about requesting attention. He loves it.


Fortunately, his family is more than willing to help.

But our lives typically contain additional responsibilities in addition to gratifying our feline pals, for better or ill. Ricky doesn’t appear to be willing to accept this situation as an explanation.

Ricky snuggling with the family dog, Monty | FELICITY MORSE

However, Ricky has justification for being a little pushy as well. Being stroked also makes him feel more comfortable because he has arthritis. As a result, Ricky’s requests for continual attention have recently taken on a little more urgency.

He was fortunate that his human family was creative.


Ricky was placed into a sling Debbie Morse had prepared for anything like a sprained arm.

Felicity Morse, her daughter, stated this week: “He follows my mum around the house miaowing until she strokes him so she felt this would help.

Would Ricky, however, accept the sling as a fix?

Oh, absolutely. His tummy is right next to the palm that is massaging him. His eyes took on that contented feline squint, and he immediately felt at ease.

According to Felicity Morse, “[My mum] designed this sling so he feels comforted and less lonely.” His arthritis benefits greatly from the warmth and cuddling.


Since Ricky has lived with the family his entire life, he is accustomed to their lavish treatment and participation in almost all of their activities.

Thankfully, Ricky’s family recognizes that he shouldn’t be left behind just because he is growing older.


Debbie Morse remarked to The Dodo, “He’s very nice and chilled. His value is immeasurable.