Father swan takes babies under his wing after mum passed away

We’re sharing this heartwarming video of a father swan taking care of his babies after their mother passed away. In spite of the fact that swan couples are known to choose their partners for life, it is nevertheless unusual for a male to care for the youngsters when their mother is absent. This loving father nevertheless exercised his parental instincts, and as a result, all of his children are now secure.

Shortly after hatching, the mother swan was discovered dead in her nest on the Charles River Esplanade in Boston, Massachusetts. The cause is still a mystery. It was surprising, however, when Boston Animal Control arrived at the nest to check on the cygnets and found “the father swan that was sitting next to the nest with his cygnets nestled under his wings.”

The devoted father carried his babies on his back as he swam on the lake, apparently taking on all the duties of a mother. Matthew Raifman, a professional photographer, captured the amazing event on camera, and it’s absolutely worth seeing.

As Raifman told WBZ-TV, “I noticed something was kind of unusual.” The baby cygnets were sitting on top of the papa swan when the incident occurred. He later posted a photo of the moment on Instagram, describing it as “one of the most heartbreaking stories I have heard in a long time!”

Fortunately, the cygnets appear to be responding well to the efforts of their father. Emma Feeney, the Esplanade Association’s marketing and events coordinator, tells The DoDo that “they seem to be doing well.” You can tell he’s a wonderful, wonderful father to them. It’s quite endearing. Despite their ordeals, they appear to have retained their spirits and courage. “

Watch this touching video here.

H/T: Instagram | foxdetroit