FedEx driver surprises dog with a special delivery just for him

Gina Malcouronne was sitting in the Starbucks parking lot with her dog Georgie, when a small act of kindness made her memorable.

Malcouronne, who works at an animal hospital, brings Georgie to work with her every day. The two often eat lunch in the car to relieve the stress of work.

“When I’m not at work, and especially during breaks, I tend to try not to talk to people,” said Malcouronne. “We always sit in the Starbucks parking lot because I like to drink coffee after lunch. I tend to park to the side to hide from people.”

When a FedEx truck pulled up beside her, Malcouronne rolled up the windows slightly and avoided eye contact with the driver. But that doesn’t frustrate the delivery man with what he’s about to do.

“As he got out of the truck, he greeted me with ‘Hi! ‘” said Malcouronne. “I was not sure exactly what his intentions were, but I certainly didn’t expect the gesture of kindness to come!”

The driver handed Malcouronne two personalized FedEx-branded dog treats and said, “This is for him.”

Georgie, who was rescued from starvation and adopted in March, enjoyed all the food and was excited about the surprise afternoon snack.

“It was cutely packaged and had all the ingredients on the back, which I think is great because Georgie herself is not allergic, but you never know,” Malcouronne said.

The FedEx driver won them both with his surprise gift and then hit the road with a nod and a smile. Georgie devoured this dish eagerly and now becomes extremely excited every time he sees a FedEx driver.

The driver would never know it, but he provided a much-needed boost to both Malcouronne and her puppy by delivering his chance and making the world brighter a little.