Fireman Shows Up To Save Puppy Trapped Under Concrete — And Immediately Falls In Love

One day in South Carolina, a family was riding their bikes when they heard what sounded like a puppy crying. They stopped their bikes on the side of the road and went to see what was going on. To their surprise, they found a small puppy stuck under a pile of dirt and concrete. They didn’t know what else to do, so they called 911 right away. The police and firefighters from the North Charleston Fire Department came to try to free the puppy.


“They told us where the dog was,” North Charleston Fire Department Captain Paul Bryant told The Dodo. “There were piles of concrete that were 4 feet high and 4 feet wide. One of the police officers said he could see the dog, so we got down on our hands and knees and looked. His nose was sticking out of the pile of rubble.

After using a pry bar to move the concrete slabs out of the way, Captain Bryant tried to pull the puppy, who was later named Rocky, out of the dirt and rubble, but there wasn’t enough room. He then got a shovel and started digging, and after a while he was able to make enough room for the confused puppy to get out of the hole and to safety. The whole rescue took only about 11 minutes, but no one knows how long Rocky was stuck under there before people came to help.


As soon as little Rocky was free, he couldn’t stop thanking Bryant by licking his face. Everyone, but especially Bryant, fell in love with the puppy right away because he was so full of life and love. Rocky was found by a family who said they would take him to a nearby animal hospital to check for a microchip so he could hopefully find his family. But after Rocky left, Bryant couldn’t stop thinking about him.


Rocky was taken in by the Charleston Animal Society, and it turned out that he did not have a microchip. When the search for his possible family came up empty, Bryant knew exactly what he had to do.

Bryant said, “I was wondering if his owner had been found or if the person who found him was going to keep him.” “Once I found out he didn’t belong to anyone and the family who found him couldn’t keep him, I knew he was coming home with me.”


As soon as Bryant pulled Rocky out from under the concrete, he felt like he had known him forever.

Bryant said in a video about Rocky’s rescue, “I found out I could adopt him, and I’ve been on a high ever since.”


When Rocky got a clean bill of health and was ready to go to his new home for good, Bryant went to the Charleston Animal Society to get him.


… and when Rocky saw the person who saved him again, he was so happy he could hardly stand it.


Rocky has moved into his new house and is very happy with how things turned out. He went from being stuck and alone to having the best dad in the world, and everyone is so happy that Bryant and Rocky got together.


Bryant said, “He is a very active dog who loves to play fetch with his new toys.” “He’s always with me. I can’t leave the room without him following me.”