Fitness trainer uses countless tricks to coax his obese dog into exercising

Sometimes we feed our pets with a lot of love, but that’s exactly what causes things to go wrong. Too much love can harm our loved ones in more ways than we imagine.

┬áKan, the Alaskan Malamute, is severely obese despite his father being a gymnast. It’s no secret that the Alaskan Malamute was originally bred to carry heavy loads like a sled dog, but surprisingly, Kan didn’t stay fit. The big dog often follows his father to the gym, just to lie still and watch people as they work their fingers to the bone.

Both the vet and his daddy are highly concerned about Kan’s condition. He’s fat, he never wants to move an inch, and he can’t even stand when he eats. That’s when his dad realized how wrong he was to spoil this lazy boy. Now things have gone too far, and he doesn’t know what he can do about it.

Kan’s father helps him check-in at the gym, but there’s nothing his trainer can do to get him to change his position. Taking him out for a walk doesn’t work either. The guy also tricked him into eating diet food, but it didn’t help as much as he would have liked. Even his girlfriend Maya couldn’t motivate Kan to practice.

It wasn’t until they found a professional dog trainer that the situation seemed a little more optimistic. This man absolutely knows what to do with idle dogs like Kan – how much work he can handle, what they can do to encourage him, and more.

Despite using countless tricks to seduce and seduce, at least Kan has gradually found the exercise interesting enough. He also seems to have a lot of fun.

Check out this adorable little boy: