Florida Cop Stops Busy Highway To Rescue Dog Hit By Car

A Florida police officer has received widespread praise for stopping traffic on a busy highway in order to save a puppy that had just been hit by another vehicle.

Pinellas Park Police Officer Joseph Puglia spotted a dog injured by an automobile while heading to work on Interstate 275 on Sept. 19.

Instantaneously, Puglia “swerved over to block the dog from traffic,” according to dashcam footage captured by the driver.

When the officer realized that the dog was “showing signs of life,” he immediately brought it to a nearby veterinarian.

“My heart fell until I realized he was breathing,” Puglia told WFTS in an interview. In the SUV, I returned and fetched an emergency blanket to put around the dog since I didn’t want to injure him any further.

Officer Joseph Puglia stopped to rescue “Lucky” this week after he noticed the dog was hit by a car. (Pinellas Park Police Department)

“Following a series of medical examinations, it is predicted that the dog will make a full recovery. Due to the dog’s lack of a microchip or identification tag, the owner has not yet been identified “According to a FB post by the police department. The dog was a little bruised and had a few minor cuts.

They called the dog Lucky because “he’s obviously one lucky puppy,” according to Puglia, and he thinks it’s appropriate.

Because it was neither microchipped nor wearing tags, it was impossible to determine the dog’s owner. If you have any information about this animal’s owner, please call Pinellas County Animal Services at 727-582-2600 right away.

T/H: FoxNews