Florida Rescue Fills Bus With Lost Animals Left Behind After Hurricane

It’s heartbreaking on so many levels, simply put.

Families whose homes had been destroyed by floodwaters attempted to rebuild their lives after Hurricane Ian late last month. Lost animals walked the streets in search of assistance.

The Big Dog Ranch Rescue bus was fortunately on its way.


The rescue bus drove through the Florida streets loaded with pet food, blankets, crates, and other supplies, ready to assist anyone in need.

As she encountered numerous animals that had been taken from their homes, executive director of Big Dog Ranch Rescue Robin Friedman was overcome with emotion.

Friedman told The Dodo, “It’s absolutely awful on so many levels.

Soon, their bus was packed with stray dogs who were all relieved to be heading to a secure location where they could rest and recover.


Reuniting pet owners with their family is the rescue’s goal. They don’t want someone who has already experienced great loss to also lose their dog. They have been pleased to offer families temporary housing while they decide what to do next.

It always feels nice to know that you can put the animals back with their owners, according to Friedman.

The rescue stepped in, promising to keep both dogs safe until the family was ready to take care of them again when a family with a 7-month-old newborn and two devoted Labradors feared they would have to give up their beloved canines.

Many of the dogs abandoned alone and without a family have already found loving, long-term homes thanks to the rescue.

With assistance from groups like Big Dog Ranch Rescue, Florida people and their appreciative pets are gradually getting back on their feet, despite the fact that many are still struggling to recuperate from the disaster.