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Foster Kitten Begs Big Dog To Carry Him Around The House

“He will actually lick his own mouth until he is scooped up.”

Over the past seven years, Raylan, a rescue dog, has performed a crucial duty. The active shepherd mix is a foster father to dozens of kittens, treating each one as if it were his own child.

Raylan has always been a busy dog, and taking care of kittens provides him with the purpose he requires.


Laura Tindal, Raylan’s mother, told The Dodo: “Raylan is always so thrilled and enthusiastic when a new foster arrives, and he spends so much time monitoring them, cleaning them, and winning them over.” “Playing, cuddling, and amusing each other is crucial for [Raylan’s] mental stimulation.”

She said, “He is not the type of dog to lie peacefully on his bed for hours.” “He becomes bored quickly and need activities.


Recently, Tindal adopted two kitten siblings named Ron and Hermione. The kittens were discovered alone, malnourished, and dehydrated in a garage.

Clearly, they missed their mother, especially Ron. And at that point, Raylan walked up to bat.


While Tindal focused on ensuring the kittens’ wellbeing, Raylan and Ron both fell in love with Ron immediately.

“Both kittens adore Raylan, but Ron is particularly fond of him,” Tindal explained. “[He] wanted to continuously be crawling on him, touching him, and being as close to him as possible.”


Ron particularly enjoys it when Raylan carries him around in his mouth. The simple deed seemed to calm Ron, and Raylan is eager to comply.

“Raylan frequently holds our foster kittens in his mouth like a mother dog, and Ron was not only the ideal size, but he adores it!” Tindal stated. “The closest you can get is inside his mouth. So Raylan’s simply constantly hauling Ron around.”

“When Ron wants to be picked up, he comes up and around Raylan’s head while meowing and looking up at him,” she continued. “If Raylan is lying down, he will actually rub his tongue against the ground until he is scooped up… Then Raylan will typically bring him to his bed or couch and begin cleaning him, or they may simply take a nap together. “It’s really cute!”

Raylan knows what it’s like to have a difficult upbringing. His former family abandoned him at a shelter in Northern Ontario when he was two years old. Active and inquisitive, he had not received the care or attention he need, but he was a quick learner.

“He was snatched out of the facility hours before he was due to be euthanized,” Tindal said. “When he arrived at my home, he had no training whatsoever — he didn’t know how to sit, couldn’t walk on a leash, and didn’t answer to his name — yet he was so intelligent and engaged, ready to learn, and fully at ease with every new experience.”


Now, Raylan and his mother are on a quest to provide the care those feral kittens so sorely need. And as a result of their love, Ron and Hermione have recently found a home – together.

The large dog will always have a soft spot in his heart for Ron, but he can’t wait to meet the next group of adorable kittens.