Friendly dolphin retrieves woman’s phone after dropped into ocean

The chances of finding your phone if you drop it in the ocean are extremely minimal, if not non-existent, so you must be exceedingly careful. As a result, when this young woman saw her phone slowly sinking into the ocean below, she had no idea she’d ever see it again.

Imagine her astonishment, then, when a friendly dolphin returned her phone. Imagine her delight. It’s hard to believe, but they were able to capture the event on camera, and it’s unlike anything you’ve ever seen!

FB/Teressa Cee

While on vacation in the Bahamas, Miami Heat cheerleader Teressa Cee took advantage of the opportunity to swim with dolphins off Blue Lagoon Island. But she had no idea that she was about to go on a once-in-a-lifetime journey.

Before getting into the water, Teressa asked a friend to store her phone for her so she could spend some quality time with the dolphins that were circling the boat at the moment. Because of this, someone’s phone ended up falling into the Atlantic Ocean.

FB/Teressa Cee

Teressa had already begun to feel sorry for herself due to the fact that she felt she would never be able to regain her phone. However, something extraordinary occurred. One of the dolphins dived to find it after spotting the phone.

The fact that he not only discovered it, but also returned it to Teressa astounds everyone present. It was all captured on film by Teressa, who later uploaded the image to the internet.

During her time in the Bahamas, she had the chance to swim with dolphins, she said on FB. In the middle of the Atlantic Ocean, we were filming on this floating platform. That’s why I asked someone to hold my phone for me, and he accidentally dropped it into the water, and it sank to the bottom. The dolphin, Cacique, found my phone and returned it to me. This is the cutest thing I’ve ever seen!

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Cacique – as the heroic dolphin is known – like the many other dolphins at Blue Lagoon Island, is not only exceedingly friendly, but they’re also trained as part of the Dolphin Encounters, one of the major tourist attractions in the Bahamas. For his lovely deed, the cetacean was rewarded with a selfie with Teressa.

In the video below, you’ll learn more about this tale.