Funny puppy keeps stealing food from his friend during a review

If you’re interested in cute dogs and cats on social media, you’re probably familiar with a sweet golden retriever named Tucker Budzyn. The adorable doggo has amassed over 3 million fans on both YouTube and Instagram, and his goofy yet amusing demeanor can melt anyone’s heart.

Tucker is best known for his series of Fun Food Reviews on his YouTube channel in which this dog tries different foods and reviews like an expert.

In the latest episode of the series, Tucker welcomed a playful and mischievous friend: the pup of his mother’s friend’s, Pearl. And thanks to her attendance, the results are hilarious.

In contrast to the calm and laid-back Tucker, Pearl is so eager to act even before the official review begins. She just can’t wait to try these delicacies! We can all see how her mouth trembles with excitement and how her eyes literally light up when she notices that plate of snacks. This girl must be a foodie.

Linda, Tucker’s owner, let them start tasting the broccoli, and although neither of them liked the vegetable, Pearl tried so hard to steal the dish from Tucker’s mouth, she even removed the stalks of the broccoli in her mouth. However, Tucker was so cool. He found it gross anyway.

Pearl continued to bravely fight for all the fruits and veggies Linda gave them! The cheerful girl clearly thought she deserved them all, and the big guy standing next to her is just a background. While Pearl tries to take everything, Tucker was just like: “She’s crazy, I’m out of here!”

And it’s funny how they call a hard-boiled egg “an almost chicken egg” – that’s correct, by the way! But of course, nothing can beat the real chicken.

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