Fussy Samoyed Puppy finds an unlikely friendship with a dalmatian

At the Samoyed lake house, there is a Samoyed dog named Ariel. She is the mother of five cute puppies. Cassie, one of Ariel’s puppies, is the happiest of her litter. She is delighted to be cuddled and snuggled next to her siblings.

While Cassie is always cheerful, her brother Seymour can’t seem to settle down and often whines to let people know it. Sadly, even when it cries, other pups either ignore it or pass by. He just wants to find someone who gives him all the attention he deserves.

Thankfully, all of those whinings caught the attention of the family dog, the massive dalmatian named Bon Bon. The big dog hopes she can find a new best friend in Ariel’s crowd of bucks.

Despite being gently nudged by Bon Bon, Seymour still cried. It looked like the picky Seymour would have to work a little harder to find her friends. He was not quite ready for this big playmate, but he’s happy because it looks like someone is paying attention.

At five weeks, Ariel decided to take her pups out to a big playground. The puppies were happily playing, except for Seymour. He groaned and tried to get everyone’s attention, but they didn’t care.

But then Bon Bon arrived and Seymour started playing with her. In the end, Seymour used her voice for something other than whining and crying. They may differ in size and spots, but they found their soulmate in each other. Seymour has found a friend who is happy to give him the attention he’s been looking for.

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