Giant Tortoise And Baby Cow Are Best Friends Forever

In 2013, Leonardo the African spurred turtle was rescued from a Bangkok zoo, while Simon arrived in January with a severely wounded leg. He was with his mother when he became entangled in the vines. Due to the injury, a portion of one of his rear legs was amputated, and the rescue center fitted him with a prosthetic to help him walk. WFFT reported, “We chose to temporarily put him in a big open field cage within the WFFT Rescue Center so he could recover from his ordeal.” Then, we intended to relocate him to a field where we keep two other rescued cows.

But then the improbable occurred: the baby cow and the gigantic turtle became great friends. To everyone’s amazement, Simon the cow has built a strong friendship with the big tortoise Leonardo, according to WFFT.

According to the staff, the two are inseparable: “They are frequently seen following one other around, eating and sleeping together. We hope that this unique bond continues to thrive.”