Girls Out Horseback Riding Find Abandoned Box With The Sweetest Babies Inside

“She cried out for assistance. I hoped things would be alright.”

A box was seen by a group of girls who were horseback riding in their neighborhood in Northern California. One of the girls glanced inside out of curiosity and discovered a little face peering back at her. She started acting right away.

The daughters’ neighbor, Alison Kempkey, told The Dodo, “I was in my garden nearby and she yelled for help.” “I started filming as soon as I came out onto the street. As I walked, I prayed that everything was okay. There were FOUR kittens inside the box when I opened it, not just one.


The four small kittens were snuggled up together and waited for assistance when Kempkey was startled to see them. She had no idea how long they had been there or where they had come from. She swiftly gathered more neighborhood youngsters to assist warm the kittens both physically and emotionally as she sought to decide what to do next.

As I took them out of the box, I checked each one,” Kempkey added. “I didn’t notice any signs of illness, and once they were in the children’s hands and subjected to rough handling, they calmed down and realized they were secure. You could tell that their attitudes had changed. We quickly devised a plan to have the neighbor’s kids watch over them as we were literally getting ready to leave for the weekend, and we converted the catio we constructed for our rescue cat to use as a kitten apartment.


The kittens’ names were chosen to be Bowie, Moomoo, Spicy, and Spooky. Despite everything they had been through, Kempkey found all four kittens to be in good health when she got back from her trip. They were overjoyed to be protected and loved, and Kempkey was thrilled to find them their forever homes at last.

My ultimate objective was to find them safe, loving, and responsible indoor homes, but I knew we would keep them as barn cats if we couldn’t find them homes, said Kempkey.


Spicy and Spooky are still waiting, while Moomoo and Bowie have since been adopted into a loving home. Fortunately, Kempkey and her family are willing to care for them until they find the right marriage. Both kittens are lovable and would be wonderful additions to any fortunate home.


Despite being almost totally black, Kempkey noted that they have “the most gorgeous hidden gray stripes on their bodies and polka dots on their bellies when they stand in the daylight.” They are both quite intelligent. They are feline criminals that conspire together, so whomever adopts them should be ready for mischief.

Everyone is aware that the ideal match for the kittens exists. Thanks to all the generous neighbors who banded together to save them, they are currently enjoying life in their foster home.