Golden Retriever adopts a tiny puppy and becomes a great dad

The saddest thing about owning a pet is that they will be very lonely when we are away, which is inevitable since we still have work and other concerns in our lives. So if you have no choice but to leave your pet alone most of the time, please consider adopting another so they can keep company together when you’re not at home.

Jin Mao’s owner did a great job bringing home another puppy to comfort his lonely heart. So, after two years of living alone, the Golden Retriever finally has a baby of his own! He was excited when his owner opened the door and introduced him to their newest family member, who appeared to be a Labradoodle.

The puppy was so tiny that he could even fit in this man’s pocket. His name is Teddy.

Their predestined relationship blossomed at the first meeting. As soon as Jin Mao saw Teddy, he immediately stood up on his hind legs and gently sniffed the dog as if welcoming him warmly. He already knew that they would have a lot of fun to share. And can we talk about how their coats go so beautifully?

Jin Mao later turned out to be a great father; he was very loving and caring. As Teddy learns new things and explores the world, Jin Mao is literally everywhere, guiding him and playing with him patiently. Even after Teddy grew up and turned into a gorgeous stuffed dog, they remained inseparable.

There are still times when Jin Mao refuses to be a big boy, such as that time when he couldn’t share his “stuffed animal” with Teddy even if he didn’t mind sharing other food and toys. What a strange but adorable doggo!

Take a look at the lovely father and naughty son here: