Golden Retriever can’t hold back his excitement when his marine mama came home

Most dogs love their humans unconditionally. They were simply born with that love. And if these people are their adoptive parents, the love will be multiplied! Even when they are apart, that love will still be the same.

Meet Oshie, an affectionate golden retriever who loves his parents Jesse and Nancy more than anything in the world. Jesse and Nancy are both outstanding US Marines. However, Jesse retired 11 years ago, while Nancy is still an active-duty Marine, which means she can’t often stay home with her husband and this dear son.

Jesse and Nancy aren’t the only ones who love Oshie so much. Her Marine friends love him too. Who can resist a smile like that?

Every time Nancy comes home from a mission, Oshie is always the happiest in the family when she gets to pick up her mother. Here’s a fun video of this sweet loving greeting to mom when she comes back from Norway. He was so excited even before Nancy opened the door, and when she finally walked in, our lovely Oshie simply went crazy!

The cheerful doggo immediately stood up on his hind legs to hug his mother, jumping around excitedly, bathing her with kisses, and wagging her tail happily. They were both filled with joy and Nancy couldn’t stop saying how much she missed her furry baby.

Of course, this isn’t the first time Oshie has been thrilled to welcome his mother home, and it won’t be the last either. Here’s another video of this adorable dog excitedly saying hi to his mom a few years later. His appearance has changed a bit, but his love for mom has not changed. Their relationship is fantastic.